Registration of a new senseBox

To register a new senseBox on the openSenseMap, a user account must first be created under Login. Afterwards you can find the dashboard under the user logo in the upper right corner, where senseBoxes can be added and managed.

Under New senseBox a new senseBox can now be registered. The following information is necessary:

  • Name of the senseBox: e.g. the location
  • Site: serves to filter boxes
  • Location: can be selected via the map
  • Model: determines the sensor configuration

There is a pre-selection for different models. If a sensor configuration is not available, individual sensors can be added manually under Manual Configuration.

After the registration has been completed, an Arduino sketch is displayed which reads the specified sensors and regularly transfers their data to the openSenseMap. To transfer this to the senseBox, the Arduino IDE is required, an example installation guide for the senseBox:home can be found here.

Advanced Configuration

It is possible to use other interfaces for data transmission besides the HTTP REST API. Settings for this must be made under the corresponding tab in the Advanced section. Detailed instructions can be found here:



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