Welcome to openSenseMap - your platform for free environmental data.


Who is behind the project?

The openSenseMap was launched in 2014 by the Institute for Geoinformatics of the University of Münster. Since its start the openSenseMap is closely connected to the senseBox project.

What kind of data can I upload?

The openSenseMap only understands numerical measurement values. Text, images or binary files cannot be transferred.

How can I upload data?

Measured values can be uploaded via a variety of different devices.

How many data can I upload per minute?

In order not to overload the database, 6 packages of readings per minute can be uploaded. You should therefore be careful not to upload more.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored at the computer center of the University of Münster.

Which devices are supported?

As an open platform, the openSenseMap receives data from all devices that send their measurement data to the openSenseMap.

I do not have a senseBox can I still upload data?

Not only from the senseBox data could be uploaded to the openSenseMap. The openSenseMap also supports measurement devices from the Citizen Science projects luftdaten.info and HackAIR. However, thanks to the REST API, measured values from almost every IoT measuring device can be sent to the openSenseMap. For more information and how to register your meter, please visit https://docs.sensebox.de/.

Where can I find more information about the openSenseMap and the code?

All source code is available under a free license at Github.

I think the project is great, how can I support you?

We are always happy about any kind of support, let it be code contributions or ideas in the forum.