It is possible to upload sensor data to the openSenseMap via LoRaWAN™ through TheThingsNetwork(TTN).

LoRa is an increasingly widespread radio standard which, similar to WiFi, allows digital data transmission in an IP network, but offers significantly different features. The TheThingsNetwork offers in Germany a very good coverage with ~2000 gateways in international comparison.

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Technical Information

  • HopeRF RFM95W/RFM96W LoRa Transceiver
  • LoRa-Bee 868 / 915 MHz uses RFM95W (SX1276 compatible)
  • LoRa-Bee 433 / 470 MHz uses RFM96W (SX1276 compatible)
  • SPI interface
  • Designation: RFN9xW
  • Dimensions: 46mm x 25mm x 12mm
  • Weight: 1.1 g

Please check the LoRa availability in your region before purchasing a LoRa-Bee for your senseBox. This is possible on the map of the TTN.



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