Loops are among the most important control structures in programming. They help you whenever you want to have one or more statements execute a certain number of repetitions often. There are different types of loops in Blockly, but their functions are always very similar. You can find all loops in the category of the same name in the Toolbox.

Repeat X times loop

The simplest loop is the ‘Repeat X times’ loop. In this loop, all commands within the loop are repeated X times.

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Repeat while loop

The second loop is the ‘Repeat until/for’ loop. The commands inserted in the loop are only executed if a condition attached in the free block section is true. In the drop-down menu of the blockst you can select whether the commands should be executed while a condition applies, or as long as a condition applies.

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Loop with run variable

The third loop is implemented by means of a run variable, which can also be used within the program. First, a variable is initialized with a start value and a maximum value is set for it. Then the run variable is increased by the specified number after each run. Thus, an instruction can be defined for each state of the run variable.

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