It is also possible to send the measured data of the hackAIR home sensors (version 2) to the openSenseMap.

To do this you have to assemble your device and transfer the hackair-v2-advanced.

Afterwards the openSenseMap configuration is available in the web interface. There you have to register a senseBox with the correct hardware.

1. Registration of a new senseBox

  • Fill in user, location, exposure and name. Group identification could be for example: hackAIR.
  • Under the item “Hardware “ in the step “my senseBox “ unfold the field “hackAIR “ and select the appropriate sensor configuration.
  • Complete the registration.
  • Important: Copy ‘SenseBox ID’. This is a 24 characters long string that looks something like this: *58a88c6b650831d8a3625e01
  • Important: Copy ‘access token’. This is a 64 character long string.
  • If a correct e-mail address is given, the senseBox ID will be sent again by mail. (for example: Your senseBox ID is: 58a88c6b650831d8a3625e01)

2. configure hackAIR device

The ‘hackAIR home v2’ sensor can be easily configured via a website. To do so, connect the device to the power supply. After that an open network called ‘ESP-wemos’ should be available. After that you have to do the following steps:

  • Use your browser to open the hackAIR home v2 configuration page (
  • Under the item Configure WiFi enter the senseBox-ID in the field openSenseMap senseBox ID.
  • Under the item Configure WiFi enter the *access token in the field **senseBox access token
  • Click on Save at the bottom of the page


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