The senseBoxMCU

The senseBox microcontroller has been specially developed for the needs of the senseBox. Therefore, the microcontroller has three characteristics in particular: it is fast, energy-saving and has a large program memory.

Even without any previous knowledge, the microcontroller can be “programmed” in 10 minutes by simply transferring a ready-made sketch. For advanced programmers, the Arduino IDE can be used as usual to run new and individual projects.

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Technical specifications


The processor is based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor from Microchip’s SAM D21 family.


Sensors and actuators are addressed via the proven interfaces such as I2C, UART and digital I/Os with a robust JST connector system (5V tolerant).

Data transmission

UART or SPI modules are offered via the two XBee compatible sockets. The data transfer can be carried out in real time via WLAN, LAN or LoRa, or stored on a micro SD card.


The senseBox MCU can be programmed using various programming environments. You can find a detailed overview here.



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