senseBoxIO Library

The senseBoxIO Library is part of the Board Support Package and is installed automatically.

The senseBoxIO library can be included individually using the following command:

include <senseBoxIO.h>

Note: If you already use the senseBoxMCU Library, the senseBoxIO Library is already integrated and does not need to be included

Switching ports on/off

Unused ports can be switched on/off via the senseBoxIO library:

Disable all ports

 void powerNone(void)

Activate all ports

  void powerAll(void)

Selective on/off switching of ports and connectors

  void powerI2C(bool on) //power the I2C Ports
  void powerUART(bool on) //power the UART Ports

  void powerXB1(bool on) //power XBEE Port 1
  void powerXB2(bool on) //power XBEE Port 2
  void SPIselectNone(void) //
  void SPIselectXB1(void) //
  void SPIselectXB2(void) //

Switch on/off the status LED

Allows to switch on/off the status LEDs

  void statusNone(void) // deactivate all status LED's

  void statusRed(void) //activate the red status LED

  void statusGreen(void) //activate the green status LED


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